The Cartapesta Room is one of the two beautiful double rooms of the Dependance apartment, on the ground floor of the historic Palazzo Guido residence. This elegant and modern bedroom is designed with soft lines and delicate colors. The stately bed, with Memory Foam mattress, has a "gendarme hat" headboard and occupies a central position in the room. A glass table and the steel chairs, as well as the comfortable built-in wardrobe, complete the furnishings.


The bathroom has a big shower and is characterized by an evocative ceiling obtained from the room's original barrel vault. Each detail is carefully thought for making it perfect for a luxury stay. In fact, both the Cartapesta Room and the Sculpture Room offer all the desirable comforts to national and international guests.


The Cartapesta Room, as well as the Sculpture Room, has its entrance from the living room areas in the Dependance apartment, exactly on the opposite side of the large window faces the inner garden of the Palace. Both bedrooms have windows, and both of them overlook the street of the historic center. The architectural layout of both bedrooms makes a very fresh environment. In fact, the barrel-vaulted ceilings as well as the thick walls, guarantee a micro climate that often limits the use of air conditioning, even in the hottest summers.


The Dependance apartment has always been the perfect option for those who want to enjoy lot of space, whether they are a couple, a family or a group of friends. The Dependance apartment, with its Cartapesta Room and Sculpture Room, guarantees to the guests, a bigger space than a suite. At the same time, the complete independence   is guaranteed like at home.